Mobile Relief Services


Your car is always in danger of breaking, resulting from an accident, or other incidents while traveling. In such these conditions, the first and the most important problems are:  transferring your car to a workshop, providing spare parts, and also transferring the passengers to a safe place. Ignorance of local facilities, and/or inaccessibility to the required spare parts can result in a bad and costly memory of your trip. The availability of relief, consulting and technical services, and also arranging for the towtrucks in order to transfer the vehicle of customers or policyholders can be soothing for policyholders and their family. Saman Negar Iranian Company, with having relief facilities all over the country, can provide the clients and customers of insurance companies with such these services all over the country.


Vehicle Information Center of Saman Negar Iranian provide following information for the members who request:


-the address and phone number of the nearest authorized or reliable workshop appropriate for their car.


-approximate price for the required spare parts