The method of receiving services, and dispatching adjuster:


1-Immediately after the accident, be sure that your insurer is our contracting party. Then call us at 021-88503524 & 021-84325, and submit your information. Your file number will be sent to you automatically.


2-After your call, our adjusters call you back immediately and arrange a time to survey the site.


3-This Company's adjusters will be dispatched by cars, having the logo on; Id card and full equipment. Afterwards, they begin to survey and determine the initial damage.


4-Assessment and determining the initial damage by our experts won't be the final measure of the settlement of claims, and your file will be sent to the headquarters of Saman Negar Iranian through a unified software system for final verification and confirmation by our senior specialists.


5-After the final confirmation, the file is sent electronically to the insurer's branches, and the final settlement will be submitted either by check, or deposit made into the account of the person who has suffered loss.


Required documents in order to complete the file:


In order to complete the file and use adjusting services you must submit the following documents to adjusters at the time of the survey.


Required documents in order to file the accident:



1-the original of valid insurance policy


2-the original of the agreement or contract


3-required maps


4-confirmed statement of before the accident


5-confirmed statement relating to damage


6-reconstruction cost


How to lodge an objection to the assessment or performance of adjusters



In the case of objection to loss assessments or our adjusters' approach or manner you can send an SMS to 09104934924, or send an email to info@


-According to the volume of our work in your area, our experts call you and arrange a time and place for visiting.


-In the case of defect in your file and failure to provide it for the adjuster at the time of the visit, and if it is required that you provide us with additional documents, you will have ten working days to do so otherwise your file will be recorded and closed.


-Abstain from paying any money to our adjusters either as transportation cost or other purposes, and if they request for, inform our headquarters about.


-It is necessary to mention that the assessments made by our experts is not the final payable claim, and it includes deductions according to the contents and clauses of your policy.


-In order to uphold the rights of each party at the time of contact, every call will be recorded.