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From 2006 until now; 15 years with Saman Negar Iranian

Saman Negar Iranian Company has been established since 2006 with the aim of assessing the damages caused in accidents to citizens and craftsmen, factories and public and private offices, as well as organizations.

Saman Negar Iranian Contracting Insurance Companies

Contracting insurance companies to assess the risk, damage and plan of various insurance policies

Areas of work of Iranian organizers in risk and damage assessment

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Dear victim, to know your latest status, you can enter your panel from this section and be informed of the latest status of your case by entering information, tracking code and other identification information.

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To announce the accident and book a mobile unit to visit your damage, you can proceed from this section. Of course, there will be more requests and actions that your insurance company will be a party to our contract.

Mission of Saman Negar Iranian Company

The mission of Saman Negar Iranian Company is to create a business based on technical expertise in various fields of engineering and technical expertise throughout the country based on designing affordable and affordable services that can not only provide its services to the insurance industry but also by designing service packages. Diverse technology contributes to the well-being of insurers and customers of the insurance industry and makes them loyal to the insurance companies of their contracting parties.

Shahram Shaghaghi

Vision and goals

Saman Negar Iranian

Our vision in Saman Negar Iranian Company for the year 1405 is concluding a national contract with all insurance companies and creating infrastructure and hiring 2700 experts and evaluators and active representation in technical and insurance fields and at least 1500 units providing appropriate and professional services that can provide services. To present itself not only inside the country but also abroad and in the field of neighboring countries, therefore, we will target all our plans for infrastructure development, human resource training, market development, design of various service packages.


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