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شرایط اخذ نمایندگی از شرکت سامان نگار ایرانیان

Saman Negar Iranian Company is always ready to develop cooperation and branches and permanent and mobile representatives to assess damages and insurance in line with the set goals and programs and in accordance with the service policy to the honorable people of Iran. Accordingly, you, dear applicant, can complete the following form to receive representation, so that after the final review, you can be contacted to start cooperation.

فصل اول : تعریف و شرایط اعطای پروانه نمایندگی شرکت ارزیابی خسارت بیمه ای سامان نگار ایرانیان

Representative definition:
The meaning of Representative of Saman Negar Iranian Company , a real or legal person with the appropriate financial means to establish an office or offices, equip, train and employ qualified human resources in the province and cities of the province. All the activities of the representative are in accordance with the administrative, technical and disciplinary regulations of Saman Negar Iranian Company and under the supervision and management of the central headquarters of Saman Negar Iranian Company, the activity of providing expert services in the field of property insurance including car و (body insurance and third party and life insurance) Provides freight, و جانی) fire, engineering ، and liability ، to the insurance companies of Saman Negar Iranian Company.

Article 1An evaluation agency, which is abbreviated as a representative in this regulation, is a natural or legal person who, in compliance with the laws and regulations related to the establishment of Saman Negar Iranian Representative Office and recruiting the necessary expertise and support to provide Saman Negar Iranian Company or agency services. In the form of a mobile unit, which, based on all approvals and internal instructions, is allowed to provide damage assessment services by Samannegar Iranian Insurance Damage Assessment Company on his behalf and in his place and under his full supervision

note 1 : Saman Negar Iranian Company can delegate part of its powers and duties in assessing losses and market development in various insurance fields, which has a license from the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic, based on the rank of representatives to the said representative

Note 2: The ranking of real and legal evaluation representatives will be done by the company according to the instructions issued by Saman Negar Iranian Company.

Article 2 - The representative agreement of the evaluation company will be issued by Saman Negar company in all fields or a specific field. The validity period of the representative agreement is maximum three years and the evaluator company can observe the provisions of this regulation and meet the existing conditions and pass the course. Required training by the agent and evaluation of his performance. If the evaluation results are positive, extend his agreement. In any case, the validity of the agency license is subject to the validity of the agency agreement

Note 3: The provisions of this regulation include representatives who operate within the country and in any province or city, and their activities are subject to the prior consent of Saman Negar Iranian Company.

Article 3 - The responsibility for obtaining the necessary conditions for each of the applicants for obtaining the evaluation agency of Saman Negar Iranian Company (both real and legal) is the responsibility of the Strategic Council and the Deputy of Finance and Administration and the Deputy of Operations and Management of Saman Negar Iranian .

Article 4 - The natural person applying for the license of the evaluation agency of Saman Negar Iranian Company must meet the following conditions:

General conditions of representation:
•Citizenship of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran
• Belief in Islam or one of the official religions of the country
• No drug addiction
• No criminal record or crime
• No criminal record and no criminal record for the crimes mentioned in Article 64 of the Central Insurance Establishment Law
• Having a certificate of end of public service or permanent exemption for males
• Have at least a bachelor's degree in technical, insurance or at least 3 years of useful insurance experience (in insurance companies) or post-diploma and diploma with at least 5 years of useful experience in technical and expert affairs
• All applicants and their employees must pass a 60-hour theoretical and 60-hour practical training course in one of the educational institutions approved by Saman Negar Iranian Company or the company's internal training units and present a certificate of acceptance.

Training courses include:
- Principles and etiquette of damage assessment (Shahram Shaghaghi)
- Car insurance (third party and body) (Ismail Fallahi)
- Property Insurance (General Book of Ayatollah Karimi Insurance)
- Instructions and regulations for granting representation to the headquarters of Saman Negar Iranians
- Instructions and administrative and financial letter of the central headquarters of Saman Negar Iranian
- Instructions for cars and property of the central headquarters of Saman Negar Iranians
- Supervision instructions of Saman Negar Iranian headquarters
• The granting of representation is subject to success in the interview of the recruitment and examination committee of Saman Negar Iranian Company.
• If the representative office of the company has the financial facilities and financial ability and good reputation to provide the necessary equipment and the necessary bases for the establishment of the office and the employment of specialized and appropriate human resources.
Provide the necessary guarantee in the amount of 2,500,000,000 Rials Guarantee equivalent to a check in the amount of 500,000,000 Rials and promissory note in the amount of 2 billion Rials (check on the bearer without guarantee).

Note 1: The relevant guarantee will be kept with Saman Negar Iranian Company for up to two years after the expiration or cancellation of the representative's agreement, after which it will be returned upon the representative's written request. In case of non-presentation of cash guarantee or claims of the representative up to the desired ceiling will be confiscated or 10% of each payment will be deducted as a guarantee and will remain with the company.
• Preparation of accident and liability insurance and all necessary insurance policies
• Commitment to serve at least one year

Article 5 - Types of representation in Saman Negar Iranian Damage Assessment Company:
Limited representative : The limited representative with an office and a license only provides services in one field
Representative General : The general representative has an office and a license in all fields or at least two fields to provide services
Mobile representative : The mobile agency does not have the relevant office and equipment and provides services in person and does not have the right to assign services to others.

Article 6: Specific conditions of the representative forces:
• Conditions for qualification and qualification of the force:
Technical Assistant : Damage expert with at least 5 years of experience with at least a master's degree in computer and organizational and administrative custom
Expert : At least 2 years of useful work experience in damage assessment or 120 hours of theoretical training and practical training accepted by the company
- No bad background and addiction
- Job satisfaction from previous job
- Good reputation
- Lack of employment and activity in insurance offices, marketing and insurance companies
- Success in exams and interviews of Saman Negar Iranian Damage Assessment Company
Conditions for qualification and qualification of the representative office :
• The representative offices of Saman Negar Iranian Company must be in the dignity of the company and its companies as well as the insurers, so its location must be:
• The area is suitable and has a good reputation in the city of the applicant and the activities of the neighbors are commensurate with the company
• The useful life of the building has not exceeded 15 years
• The use of the building must be office or commercial
• The office should preferably be located on the 2nd floor at the most
• Suitable floor, preferably light stone or ceramic.
• Walls with proper covering
• Have air conditioning.
• Having the facilities and equipment needed to receive and honor the client (hot and cold water cooler)
• Suitable office furniture, counter approved by the headquarters and customer waiting sofa
• Boards according to the regulations
• Information board to guide the victims inside the branch
• Adequate electronic and electrical equipment such as computers, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners
• Fixed telephone line at least 2 lines
• High speed internet with unlimited volume

Vehicle :
Vehicle conditions :
- Type: Samand / Peugeot / Pride / Tiba / White with fiberglass company design
- White or silver color (white color priority)
- Does not have any decorative equipment, including dolls, logos, etc.
- The logo and type of cover of the company should be fixed or movable with a blue magnet on the car as shown below.

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