Damage assessment

Conducting field observations to investigate and investigate the cause of the amount of damages and determine the amount of the insurer's liability in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy, as well as negotiating to adjust and settle the damages or damages claimed. Saman Negar Iranian Company insurance laws and contracts are being implemented throughout the country.

The company regarding the complete details of the place, time, cause of damage, amount of damage, risk or accident that led to the damage, the possibility of replacement conditions and the extent of recoverable damage by the insurer, compliance with the terms of the insurance contract and determining the amount Compensation payable by the insurer and the reason for the possible difference between the amount of realized and payable damage, comment in a reasoned and documented manner and submit its report to the employers.

Specialized fields Damage assessment

  • Assessment of financial losses of land motor vehicles (vehicles)
  • Assessment of financial losses of motor vehicles (vehicles)
  • Fire damage assessment
  • Engineering damage assessment
  • Transportation Damage Assessment (Cargo)
  • Ship damage assessment (cargo)
  • Aircraft Damage Assessment (Cargo)
  • Assessment of life damage and accidents (persons)
  • Treatment damage assessment (persons)
  • Professional Liability Damage Assessment (Liability)
  • Monetary Loss Assessment (Liability)
  • Damage assessment of agricultural products and livestock and poultry

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Due to the significant increase in insurance service providers in recent years and the provision of various types of insurance, including car insurance and property insurance, the gap of independent appraisal companies to provide compensation services that, regardless of bias and affiliation, with knowledge and familiarity with insurers' rights and Insurers are felt to provide compensation services quickly and accurately.

Damage assessment and insurance company Saman Negar Iranian with the aim of creating fair conditions in determining the damage to assess the payment of damages (in the fields of freight and transport insurance, energy and refinery services insurance, fire assessment, health insurance assessment, assessment Car insurance, engineering insurance evaluation, liability insurance evaluation as well as risk consulting evaluation) was established and in this regard, by using knowledgeable, efficient and experienced managers in the country's insurance industry, intends a safe and secure hospital for insurers and Provide esteemed insured.

Cooperation with the approved evaluators of Central Insurance of Iran, which is approved by experienced and experienced people, board members and managers, well-known and well-known names in the country's insurance industry and the network of extensive services throughout the country, are the powerful arms of this company. And we hope that thanks to the blessings of your Excellency and the trust of you, the insured and the esteemed insurers, we can be a source of services.